Public Works Department

  • Our Team

    Don Pressé - Foreman of Public Works - p. 3522

    Shane Black - Maneuver

    Mark Fletcher - Operator

    Julien Després - 10 wheeler driver

    The public works team is made up of 3 employees of the Public Service Union.

    These perform the following tasks:

    • Maintenance of approximately 75 km of roads and roads, ditches and shoulders
    • Culvert replacement and maintenance
    • Installation of new culverts on public roads during new construction
    • Blasting to widen paths when required
    • Clearing public roads from fallen trees or other debris during storms
    • Minor repair of asphalt
    • Cleaning and sweeping asphalt roads
    • Maintenance of road signs and streetlights
    • Maintenance of the park and green spaces, the chalet, the ice rink and games for children
    • Some maintenance work on the buildings and infrastructure of the municipality

      This  department has a garage to store and maintain these pieces of equipment  either; a tractor, a dump truck (10 wheels) and a backhoe.
  • Road work

    Road Fissure treatment: On Saturday, October 26th, road fissure treatment was carried out on the following roads: Cascades (to Tamarac), Tamarac, Stephenson. This treatment aims to increase the longevity of roads.

    At this time of the year, the road work service carries out the cleaning of culverts, ensures that signage is in place for the winter and that branches are pruned in anticipation of winter ice storms.

    Pavement marking will be done in the spring of 2020.


  • Speed limit change

    The speed limit was lowered to 40 km/h on the territory of the municipality, by resolution of the council, last June. Following the summer and a trial period, speed adjustments will come into effect in November 2019. 
    The road crew will start changing the speed signs over the next few weeks. 
    The speed of 40 km/h will remain in force on most municipal roads. However, some roads will now be 50 km/h: 
    - Breamar Road - whole lenght 
    - Cambria Road -  from Scott Road to the limits of the municipality (in Mille-Isles) 
    A section of Chemin Cambria will be lowered to 30 km/h, that is, between the corner of Rodgers Road up to the 329. This will increase the safety of users of the Municipal Park and families using the daycare. In addition, it will ensure the safety of firefighters and people using the Community Center and City Hall.