Public Works Department

  • Our Team

    Don Pressé - Foreman of Public Works - p. 3522

    Shane Black - Maneuver

    Mark Fletcher - Operator

    Julien Després - 10 wheeler driver

    The public works team is made up of 3 employees of the Public Service Union.

    These perform the following tasks:

    • Maintenance of approximately 75 km of roads and roads, ditches and shoulders
    • Culvert replacement and maintenance
    • Installation of new culverts on public roads during new construction
    • Blasting to widen paths when required
    • Clearing public roads from fallen trees or other debris during storms
    • Minor repair of asphalt
    • Cleaning and sweeping asphalt roads
    • Maintenance of road signs and streetlights
    • Maintenance of the park and green spaces, the chalet, the ice rink and games for children
    • Some maintenance work on the buildings and infrastructure of the municipality

      This  department has a garage to store and maintain these pieces of equipment  either; a tractor, a dump truck (10 wheels) and a backhoe.
  • Road work to come

    Sideline Road: CHANGE OF CULVERTS: Wednesday, September 18th, access to Sideline Road will be possible only from Chemin Cambria. The ecocentre will be accessible. On Thursday, September 19th, access to Sideline Road will only be possible from Lac Chevreuil Road. 
    Shrewsbury Road: work (culvert changes) September 17. Road open. 

  • Speed limit change

    Speed limit change

    The speed limit was lowered to 40 km/hrs on the territory of the municipality, by resolution of the council, last June. The road crew will start changing the speed signs over the next few weeks! ... We will also install some panels like this one:

  • Rehabilitation work on Williams street

    Saturday September 21st : 

    Exceptionnally, the contractor will work on Saturday September 21st from 7 AM to 5 PM.  

    Rehabilitation work on Williams street

    For several years, the municipality has been concerned with the quality of Williams street and has discussed the necessary repairs with the residents. Following a request from the residents of Williams Street asking the municipality to bring the street up to code so that it can become a public road, the decision to municipalize the street was made. The acceptance of Loan By-law no. 223 last June enables the municipality to begin major road repairs which will start July 15 2019.

    The work will include blasting, reloading, drainage work, tree cutting and the reprofiling of the road. The project should last about 7 weeks.

    Questions and answers for residents

    • Access to the properties will be maintained at all times
    • Electricity will be maintained at all times
    • The width of the street will be 7.2 meters from ditch to ditch
    • At the end of the project, Williams Street will become a municipal road and the municipality will provide full maintenance. The street will therefore be considered in accordance with municipal by-laws and will be accessible to emergency services.
    • The area tax associated with the rehabilitation of Williams Street will be added to the municipal taxes for each lot starting in 2020. The precise amount of this area tax will be communicated to you shortly.
    • All public notices relating to the project were published in accordance with the law (newspapers, website and city hall) and the register associated with the borrowing by-law was held on April 22, from 9 am to 7 pm, at the municipal office. The number of signatures required to oppose the project was not reached. The register had been posted by public notice in accordance with the law.
    • The approval of the borrowing by-law and the awarding of the contract were made by resolution of the municipal council.